Here I Am.

Last year I proclaimed myself as a writer. I challenged my doubts. I stopped seeing greatness as a separate, unattainable entity. I relaxed my shoulders and gave birth to myself.

This year, I’ve decided to introduce my words to the world. I am terrified. The image that most have come to know of me is light because my writing holds my weight. It is heavy. It is hard. And it wants to be heard. My art holds space for me in a way I haven’t found anywhere else, thus allowing me to be easy in public.

I am leaving my comfort zone to stand in my power. I recently finished the first draft of the first book I will publish and I invite you all to take this journey with me. Each week I will post where I am in my creative process. I will unpack my insecurities. I will speak my truth.

You can find samples of my writing on Instagram and Tumblr.

Thank you for reading. I’m honored to grow with you all.

Peace and light,

Shay Australia

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