About Me


In short: I’m a creative.

I enjoy exploring the depths of storytelling and movement as an educator and organizer. I am a writer and the author of Work In Progress and have contributed essays to Completely and Without Pause and What We Carry.

I am a new mom to a fantastic little human and I’m desperately working to maintain their health and happiness without causing me or my partner to lose our shit in the process.

Occasionally, I host Self-Care Workshops where I guide participants through simple and easy to follow exercises from my book, Work in Progress. I often find that too many of us are somewhat mindful of how we care for and communicate with others but, struggle with practicing those values amongst ourselves. That’s where I come in. I speak about the importance of having healthy intrapersonal relationships while mapping out exactly what that looks like.

I’m a Pisces sun with a Gemini moon, born and raised in the Bay Area. I love all things astrology and enneagram. If we’ve met in real life, chances are I’ve already looked up your chart. When I’m not writing, dancing, or teaching I’m walking near water and loving up on my family.

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If you’re interested in having me speak at your event send an email to words@shayaustralia.com or click HERE. FYI I’m extremely food motivated so don’t hesitate to mention the menu.